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  • Babycare
  • Housecleaning
  • Cooking
  • Petcare

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Hello everyone. My name is Erma Lumapac. I am energetic and easily adaptable to changes. I am looking for a nanny job. I have experience working in Jordan for 5 years as a housemaid, cleaning and cooking for the family. In Abu Dhabi, I worked with a local family for 2 years as a nanny/maid, they had a 2-month-old baby. Then, I worked with the Canadian family as a housemaid for 4 years, cleaning and cooking for the family. I was preparing their kid's meals, the kid's ages were 11, 14 and 16. I will be available on October 1st.

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Recommendations I can provide

I can provide recommendation from my previous employer. They are Canadian and have 3 kids. And I worked for them for 4 years.